ScanTutor is ScanTrainer's unique interactive virtual tutor. It replicates learning one-to-one with an expert, enabling trainees to acquire complex. hard-to-learn ultrasound scanning skills in their own time and at their own pace.

Learning resources

A range of pre-practice teaching resources includes expert videos for each assignment, scanning technique schematics, references, and notes on common variants.

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Practise with an expert

ScanTrainer has two training modes:

‘Guided Practice’ mode allows trainees to watch and replicate an expert’s scanning skills by following an expert video of them performing the scan on screen as they scan.


‘Supported Practice’ mode, where the new ScanTutor ‘expert’ provides real-time, on-screen visual guidance whilst the trainee scans the real patient ultrasound images, guiding trainees through both basic and complex tasks.



Finally trainees are assessed in ‘Assessment’ mode where all expert guidance is deactivated and the trainees are on their own. Trainees are provided with feedback using Scan Trainer’s unique Learning Management System which passes/fails each task according to gold standard metrics.