ScanTrainer Examine

ScanTrainer Examine is the new ultrasound skills examination simulator from MedaPhor.

The system’s unique combination of real feel probe manipulation in all scanning planes and ultrasound sweeps based on real patient scans, that have been compiled using our unique simulation of real patient scans, enables examiners and examination bodies to truly test a physician’s image interpretation and probe manipulation skills.

ScanTrainer Examine removes all training aids (cut-away anatomy, probe guidance, recorded expert playback, real-time metric based assessment) to offer examiners a library of pathologies and normal patient scans, combined with a realistic, virtual reality based scanning experience, with which to comprehensively test a clinician’s ultrasound examination skills.

For the full ultrasound skills training experience, MedaPhor sells the ScanTrainer simulator, which incorporates some of the world’s most advanced automated training and assessment tools, including:

  • Curriculum based education and training modules
  • Full cut-away anatomy, revealing the key anatomical structures
  • ScanTutor – probe and anatomy guidance tools
  • Recorded playback of an expert completing a learning module
  • Real-time metric assessment tools
  • Didactic learning resources


For more information on ScanTrainer Examine contact MedaPhor at or contact your local sales representative.

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