ScanTrainer Cloud

ScanTrainer is available with access to ScanTrainer Cloud, a subscription-based service, which offers a range of features to enable your trainees to learn faster and learn better.

ScanTrainer Case Generator enables ScanTrainer Cloud subscribers to upload and publish their own patient scans and share these with other subscribers within their organisation or around the world.

A ScanTrainer Examine feature, Case Library offers flexible cloud-access to a growing library of over 500 normal and abnormal cases created using real patient scans.

• Obstetric cases include fetal anomalies and multiple pregnancies
• Gynae cases include uterine pathologies and anomalies, and pelvic masses
• General Medical pathologies include liver, gall bladder, kidneys and spleen.

Other ScanTrainer Cloud features include:
• Access for trainees to any cloud-enabled ScanTrainer
• Remote access for tutors for results and trainee progress
• Remote access for trainees to learning resources for pre-learning or revision – available via any internet enabled device
• Share bespoke case studies with other users
• Remote online MedaPhor support

Benefits of ScanTrainer Cloud:

For trainees ScanTrainer Cloud offers remote access to their results and the suite of advanced learning resources – from any internet-enabled device.

For tutors it enables them to remotely access results, usage statistics and share bespoke modules with other ScanTrainer Cloud users across the world– available from any internet-enabled device.

For hospitals, teaching schools and regulatory bodies ScanTrainer Cloud can enable the roll out of regional, national or international standardised training programmes with centralised access to results and certification. The remote access capabilities mean that independent reviewers can access examination data and offer off-site pass or fail.

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