MedaPhor’s revolutionary ScanTrainer simulator offers a unique self-learning ultrasound scanning experience that replicates being taught one-to-one by an expert.

What is ScanTrainer?

ScanTrainer  teaches hard-to-learn basic and advanced ultrasound scanning skills, allowing trainees to learn in their own time and at their own pace in a low pressure, non-clinical environment.


Why ScanTrainer?

ScanTrainer is the only ultrasound skills training simulator to offer curriculum-based teaching using real patient scans with haptic feedback, real-time assisted guidance and comprehensive metric-based assessment in one system.

ScanTrainer is also available with access to the subscription-based Cloud service with two revolutionary features:

  • ScanTrainer Case Generator enables tutors to upload and publish their own patient scans, create cases, and share these with other users within their organisation or around the world.
  • ScanTrainer Case Library, available via ScanTrainer Examine only, offers flexible cloud-access to a growing library of over 500 normal and abnormal cases created using real patient scans.


what makes our simulators world class?

Real, full anatomy patient scans

All our core and advanced skills learning modules use real, full anatomy patient scans; because we believe trainees learn faster and better using real images from real patients.

Our Training Solutions

Virtual patient with haptic technology

Haptic technology enables real feel of the virtual patient whose shape, position and feel changes with every patient case. Including normal, high BMI, bony, pregnant or oblique position.

Our Platforms

Structured learning and expert guidance

Step-by-step curriculum-based educational modules enable users to self-learn at their own pace. ScanTutor replicated the one-to-one expert learning experience, enabling unsupervised independent learning.

A recent study shows that preclinical core skills learning can save costs compared to training on live patients. Read more here.

Discover ScanTutor

Skills performance assessment


Integrated and comprehensive educational metrics provide detailed real-time performance assessment and feedback.

What our customers say

Flexible cloud access

New Cloud 2 includes:

  • Scan your own patients and add them to the simulator with ScanTrainer Case Generator
  • ScanTrainer Case Library offers users access to an extensive range of normal and abnormal cases
  • Monitor and evaluate trainees remotely
  • Access to resources before practice
  • Co-ordinate training and practical examinations
See the study

Create your own modules

Tutors are able to customise the way in which their ScanTrainer is used in order to tailor the system to different training needs.


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